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It is unfortunately a fact of modern life that without proper search engine optimisation, it becomes more difficult to generate organic views for your content. Making sure that your website, and all of its content, is optimised most effectively for SEO is a key step in creating a strong digital strategy and I can help identify and fix many of the areas which require improvement.

What Is SEO?

Whilst SEO itself would require more than a page to explain, in its simplest form it is the term used to describe activity that helps improve your website’s ranking on Google. Authoritative content, which is optimised properly for Google, will have the best chance of raking highly in Google and therefore has the best chance of appearing for potential customers when they search for whatever it is they need. 

How Can I Help?

There are a number of areas I can assist with to help improve your website’s SEO, including: 

  • Assessing and editing existing content with new keywords
  • Writing SEO friendly content (as part of a wider copywriting exercise) 
  • Updating alt-tags in your website’s imagery to be SEO friendly
  • Providing topline SEO consultation and training to identify your most beneficial SEO areas (e.g. social media, links etc…)
How To Get Started

I suggest that any SEO activity is carried out as part of another service, for example as an add-on to a social media training day or consultation. If you would like to discuss options for doing this, get in touch today! 


Have an idea or a project, get in touch today & see how I can help.

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