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Reporting is an essential part of any digital strategy as it is the only way to identify what works and what doesn’t for your brand. However, it is often used simply as a means by which to solidify client relationships with fluffed up numbers or selective reports which don’t give a full picture of the successes and failiures of a campaign. It is a fact that any strategy will have areas that work much better than others, and I strongly believe that unless the full picture is shared and recorded, it is impossible to create a truly impactful plan. I therefore make a promise to all of my clients that as well as celebrating our many successes, we will identify and discuss areas which didn’t work so well and learn from them moving forward. 

What Reporting Can You Expect?

For any ongoing activity I provide a monthly report, looking at every area of our work, making observations on that month’s activity and making suggestions for the future. I can provide reporting across social media, websites, newsletters and activity as well as digital industry reports.


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