If you want to be successful at marketing your business on Facebook, then you need more than just an amazing service and great content. It’s unfortunately true, that as much as good content is an essential element of Facebook advertising, how that content is distributed is even more important. To help you achieve that goal, here are my top five Facebook advertising tips to help you get the biggest return on your investment.

This advice is particularly important ever since Facebook’s algorithm change in early 2018, which reduced organic reach even further and made it yet more important for brands to understand how to advertise to their consumers in a cost-effective way.

The question you should be asking is not just how you can reach your target audience on Facebook, but how you can convert that audience into genuine leads or sales. Here’s how…

Facebook Advertising Tips - Any Business - Business Promotion - How To Advertise on Facebook - Digital Marketing

Tip One: Do Your Audience Research

Understanding your audience has never been easier on Facebook. Head over to the ‘Audience Insights’ tab on your Business Manager page and do your research.

Using this wonderful tool, you can see how your chosen audience behaves, interacts with adverts, how many pages they like, even whether they’re in a relationship. You want to look for the audience set which is the most likely to convert, so look for high numbers of ads clicked and post shared.

You can also use the audience insights to ascertain what devices your audience uses, another handy tool when creating your adverts.

Facebook Advertising Tips - Any Business - Business Promotion - How To Advertise on Facebook - Digital Marketing

Tip Two: Make Sure You Upload a Pixel to your Website

The second of my key Facebook advertising tips is to ensure that youre website has a Pixel installed. A Facebook Pixel is a piece of code, generated for you by Facebook, which you can add to your website’s header code.

The basic Facebook Pixel enables you to track the people visit your website and then retarget them by creating a custom audience on Facebook from the data collected.

Beyond your basic Facebook Pixel, there are a number of ‘events’ that can be added for tracking specific actions on your website, such as visiting a certain page, purchasing a product, or adding something to the cart. This next level of Pixel targeting enables you to increase your lead conversion beyond recognition.

By using a custom audience built from your Pixel, you can be sure to spend your money where it is going to be most effective.

Facebook Advertising Tips - Any Business - Business Promotion - How To Advertise on Facebook - Digital Marketing

Tip Three: Learn from Your Previous Adverts

There are two elements to the third in this list of Facebook advertising tips.

First, is that you really do need to learn from previous campaigns you have run on Facebook. Testing different audiences, styles of content and advert goals is a great way to work out what is most effective for your audience and business.

Whether you’re running a boosted post or a more detailed Facebook advert, it is important to identify the best elements that you’ve used before and try and emulate them in future ads.

The other element of this Facebook advertising tip is that you should be building custom audiences from people who have previously interacted with your adverts. Not dissimilar to using a Pixel, building these kinds of custom audiences ensures that you spend advertising budget targeting people who are most likely to interact with your campaign.

It has been said that people need to see something five times before the act or purchase, so getting in front of the same set of eyes, again and again, is a very good idea – so long as that set of eyes has expressed interest in your advert in the past.

For example, this could mean building an audience from people who have watched a certain percentage of your video, or who have previously engaged. These people have demonstrated that they are interested in what you do, so are most likely to generate potential revenue in the future.

Facebook Advertising Tips - Any Business - Business Promotion - How To Advertise on Facebook - Digital Marketing

Tip Four: Create a Funnel

Funnels are a core element of content marketing, particularly on Facebook. Funnel marketing is the process of taking your customer on a journey which ends up in them taking the desired action on your website.

The idea is that instead of getting straight to the point and asking them to purchase your product or service, you have a number of steps that get them there first.

For example, say you run a fashion e-commerce website and want to get potential consumers signed up to your newsletter for future marketing. You could hit them with an advert which simply asks them to sign up straight away, and you might have some success with the right targeting. However, if you target that consumer with an effective funnel, you are much more likely to convert.

In this example, my advice would be to create a three-step funnel along these lines:

  1. Top of the Funnel: Brand Awareness

Promote a blog post from your website to your target audience.

  1. Middle of the Funnel: Consideration

Using your website Pixel, build a custom audience of people who visited the blog post and target them with a more personal hook, for example a quiz to find out their personal style.

  1. Bottom of the Funnel: Call to Action/Conversion

This is when you can promote your call to action, in this case asking them to subscribe to your newsletter.

Using a technique such as this enables you to capture the user and make them part of your brand journey. They become invested in you and feel that you are invested in them, and are therefore much more likely to act on your call to action and become a future customer.

There are lots of different kinds of funnels, what I have just described is only one kind. Get in touch to find out how else you could utilise a funnel for your business.

Facebook Advertising Tips - Any Business - Business Promotion - How To Advertise on Facebook - Digital Marketing

Tip Five: Think Long Term

Adopt the view that no advert is a bubble and start viewing everything as a funnel opportunity. Your goal should always be to draw potential customers to your business, so have a goal which goes beyond just engagement.

Whilst engagement is much more important than how many likes your page has, engagement in and of itself does not equal a good ROI. Someone watching your Facebook video does not, for example, generate any actual revenue.

You, therefore, need to view each advert as a separate but integrated element of your wider marketing funnel.

For example, if you are a lifestyle coach, you may want to create a video providing some useful lifestyle advice. Your goal for this video would be to get it viewed, shared, commented on and liked as much as physically possible. This is very often where a lot of people stop, losing out on potentially huge revenue opportunities.

Instead, you create an audience from people who watched your video and promote your lifestyle coaching services to them directly – for example inviting them to sign up to a course or seminar that you’re hosting online.

It is only by thinking on a longer-term basis like this that you will be able to use Facebook to generate a real return for your business, rather than simply having an engaging account.

Facebook Advertising Tips - Any Business - Business Promotion - How To Advertise on Facebook - Digital Marketing

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